Preventive Maintenance

When you partner with JMD for your printing product and service needs, you also get comprehensive preventive maintenance service completely free of charge. To ensure that your printing equipment is running at peak efficiency and not at risk of breaking down, the JMD team will schedule times throughout the year to perform regular maintenance checks and making any necessary fixes and adjustments.


Why Is Preventive Maintenance Important?


As your office’s printers get more and more use, their internal components will naturally wear down over time, which can negatively affect printing performance. In addition to that wear, materials like toner dust and paper debris can build up inside the printer, exacerbating existing issues or increasing the chances of technical problems occurring.

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to perform thorough upkeep of the printer’s mechanical components through replacing worn down parts, keeping them clean, and adjusting the components as necessary to maintain the printer’s performance and prevent issues from arising. While technical issues may sometimes still occur due to unforeseen circumstances, having regularly scheduled preventive maintenance sessions with the JMD team will significantly reduce the chance of those problems occurring.

At the end of the day, JMD’s preventive maintenance plan is designed to keep your business running smoothly by preventing technical problems, while also reducing the cost of repairs and part replacements for your printers in the long-term.

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