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There’s no organization out there that wants to lose precious moments of productivity due to hardware or software issues. While those issues are often unexpected and unavoidable, partnering with JMD as your printing product and service provider will ensure that your team’s workflow will return to optimal in no time at all.

With JMD, you have access to our in-house team of professional printer hardware and software support experts, so you can get the help you need. Whether you’re having difficulty with your printing management software or dealing with issues with your printers, print quality, or cartridges, a fix is just a phone call away.


On-Site Support & Pick-Up Repair Service

The moment you call JMD for support, our team will work with you to diagnose and fix the problem in as little time as possible. We offer both on-site technical support and full-service repairs at a local JMD office.

Since JMD has local offices across Manila, Bicol, Cebu, and Davao, one of our team members is never far away. The moment your printing issues start, one of our team members will be on their way to your office to help you. If the problem can’t be fixed on-site, we will take your printing equipment back to the JMD office where we will use our advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem and make the repairs as efficiently as possible.


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If your organization needs a partner who can provide you with the technical expertise and support capabilities to ensure that printing hardware and software issues don't grind your business to a halt, JMD is the perfect match for you. Not only do we have one of the best tech support teams in the industry, but we also offer so much more than just tech support. We are your all-in-one printing product and support solution that brings decades of industry experience, exceptional products, reliable service, and big savings for your business. To learn more about what JMD International can offer for your business, contact us today!

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