Support Services

With JMD as your support provider, you get access to our team of professional technicians that will provide you with the expertise and service that you need to ensure that your organization can run smoothly everyday. With year-round preventative maintenance and technical support availability, you don’t have to worry about your business grinding to a halt due to some unforeseen and unexpected issue with your printing hardware or software.

Printing Management System

JMD gives you complete control over all printing activity and resource use in your organization through our advanced printing management system. With this comprehensive and user-friendly web-based software at your fingertips, you can track printing activity in real-time, set resource restrictions to manage costs, and even generate detailed reports to identify trends and areas of improvement for your team. To learn more about our printing management system, click the button below.

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Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance plan is designed to reduce the chance of hardware failure as much as possible. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, the JMD team will perform regularly scheduled checks on the printing equipment that you get from us, closely inspecting the components to ensure that it’s at peak performance, while also repairing or replacing any parts that may have worn down or are at risk. Learn more about the JMD preventive maintenance plan by clicking the button below.

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Technical Support

By partnering with JMD, you get access to our team of professional technical support experts, helping you overcome those pesky technical problems that can pop-up out of nowhere are slow your team’s productivity. Our team can provide support both over the phone and on-site, identifying the core issues with our advanced diagnostic system and getting the problems fixed quickly. To learn more about our technical support program, click the button below.

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If you would like to learn more about what JMD do for your business or you’re ready to partner with us as your all-in-one printing product and service provider, just fill out the contact form below with your information and click “submit”. A member of the JMD team will connect with you as soon as possible

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